Bali Pottery Production

Premium Bali Pottery Works.

Our products have been exported to Europe, America and many Asian countries such as Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. Some of most European buyers come from France and Germany.

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Bali Pottery & Terrazzo Production

Ramos Alma Pottery

We have been making pottery for garden all around Bali and the world since July 2001. Our products specialize on terrazzo, slate stones, pebble and cements, etc.. Reviewed 4.9 on Google by our happy customers, we are ready to deliver a premium-class products for your needs.

Our products have been exported to US, Australia, Asia, Africa, Belgium, France, Fiji, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Italia, Spain, Colombia and Germany.

Product Categories

Onix Stone

Mosaic Marble

Gray Pebble Stone

White & Pink Pebble Stone

Green Pebble Stone

Spickle Pebble Stone

Slate Stone

Cement Carving & Paras




Water Fountain

Stepping Stone

Garden Lamp